Find out how sustainable you (already) are

There is already data in your everyday work that can prove your commitment to sustainability

We can find them together


No more words

Let's look for the facts (and data)

Wherever you are in your ESG journey, tell us what you do and how you do it, what your supply chain is, your materials, your packaging, how you manage your employees, whether you have certifications: we'll take care of the rest

How we value your sustainability data


Systemic analysis

We analyze your company by investigating governance, products or services, processes, supplier and customer relationships, to identify the most significant data. We use our proprietary methodology developed in collaboration with the Department of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Siena


Data aggregation

We read your data and provide it back to you in the language used in international standards, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)


Data validation

What was "just" a piece of data becomes evidence that shows your concrete commitment to ESG. And the evidence is recorded and tracked in blockchain to have a verifiable and transparent sustainability statement

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Why should you want to look for data on your company's sustainability?

Banks from June 2024 will also have to assess customers on ESG issues* before granting credit

People demand more information about companies' commitment to ESG and express ethical principles with their purchases

National and European legislation pushes toward a circular economy and requires companies to be more transparent to combat greenwashing.

*Guidelines on Loan and Monitoring - LOM, EBA June 30, 2021

Greenwashing? No thanks

According to the new European directive (Green Claims) in the communication of your product or service, it will no longer be possible to use vague sustainability claims without having documented evidence

Therefore, in order to have DATA to communicate, we will provide you:

Sustainability report

We will prepare a report on your corporate positioning against the UN 2030 Agenda's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with GRI indicators for economic, environmental and social sustainability (ESG) performance. You'll be able to use the information we'll give you for your Annual Sustainability Report

Sustainability landing page

We will create for you a landing page dedicated to ESG themes, usable also from mobile. We will also provide you with a QRCode that you can place on your products, labels or packaging

Customized widget

We can provide you with a plug-in to install on your e-commerce site or your retailers' site to access your digital labels with sustainability evidence (blockchain-validated sustainability proof points)

Circularity rating

We will calculate your circularity rating, certifiable by a third-party body and useful for demonstrating the circularity of your products or services. The circularity rating is the first national standard on circular economy developed by the National Institute of Unification (UNI/TS11820) applicable to every sector and company size, useful for measuring, monitoring and improving the circularity of business processes

Our team

Elisa Bologni

CEO, co-founder

MS in Communication Sciences

10+ years HR Manager, followed projects and trainings on sustainability and circular economy financed by European funds "Innomed UP" and "STAND UP!"

Cristina Agostinelli

Project Manager, co-founder

MS in Political Science and Decision-Making Science

10+ years Euro-planning, fundraising, reporting and management of social and civic participation projects

Emiliano Sparacino

CTO, co-founder

PhD in Information Engineering

10+ years Business Analyst and Software Program Manager in multinational companies. Former researcher in complex systems on environmental systems management issues

Alessia Rossi

Sustainability Consultant, co-founder

PhD in Biological Sciences

Master in Sustainable Blue Growth and certified Innovation Manager at MISE, project manager in sustainable tourism projects

Partners and Awards

Winner of the 3° Call CTE PRISMA 5G Acceleration Program 2023
Managed by StartupItalia and Nana Bianca

Winner of the Call Open Innovation
Eco-Innovation Platform The Switcher
Managed by Museo del Tessuto di Prato

Business partners of Banca Popolare Etica

We are a Benefit Company

At Moebeus we believe in the positive power of business.
As a benefit company, we are committed to generating positive impact on people and the environment

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